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Still scorned by many Captains, a career in salvaging has many advantages. It doesn't cost much to get started, though the basic equipment isn't as efficient as the more costly advanced versions.


How to get started

Salvaging is actually linked to Combat combat in many ways. For example, if you want to salvage ships, you might have to destroy some yourself. But the biggest common factor is your weapon skill. There are three weapon types; energy weapons, kinetic weapons, and plasma weapons. The skill most useful at the start is energy weapons, since then a full line of salvage cutters is available to you until you start thinking about expanse wrecks. However, if you've already made a choice to invest in kinetic weapons, then your carrier in salvaging is limited to salvaging wrecks. There are simply no kinetic salvage cutters for RAIDs or alien ships. Mind you, salvaging can still be useful, since you can still get resources from your kills.

The Salvage Loot and Alien Salvage Loot pages contain information on which resources can be found during salvage in each ship section.

See also: How to Salvage Wrecks for wreck salvage (including alien wrecks), How to Salvage RAIDs for raid salvage and How to Salvage Alien Derelicts for Alien derelict salvage.


There are two items involved in salvaging; scanners and cutters. Scanners tell you where the bits and pieces are of the ship that you want to salvage, cutters tear off pieces that you can tractor to your cargo hold.

The starting equipment is listed here:

Salvaging type Scanner Cutter (Energy) Cutter (Kinetic) Cutter (Plasma)
Wrecks Argo Salvage Scanner Wreck Salvage Laser (Class A) Wreck Salvage Drill (Class A) N/A
RAIDs None needed Salvage Cutter (Type B) N/A N/A
Alien Derelicts None needed Alien Salvage Cutter Type C N/A N/A
Alien Wrecks Entana Alien Salvage Scanner N/A N/A Alien Ranorr Wreck Salvage Laser

Better scanners will let you see more wrecks. Better cutters will get you more of a resources on each shot.

The Wide Spectrum scanners allow you to salvage wrecks that are not your own. Different versions exist for alien and non-alien wrecks.

Skills involved

As mentioned above, you need sufficient weapon skill to equip your salvage cutter. If you're into wreck salvage, you will also need enough Scan Tech or Alien Tech to equip your salvage scanner.

Benefits of Salvaging

Negatives of Salvaging

DOs and DON'Ts



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