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Gamequote: Personal extractors are the smallest non-commercial extractors on the market. They have a limited storage capacity and extract resources at a reduced rate. They are however cheap to purchase and cheap to run. You need to be a Captain level 5 or above to operate this extractor unit. Extractors can only be placed on land that has been pre-scanned and has the correct resource type for this extractor.

As with each extractor, there are seven different versions: Flora, Fuel, Gas, Liquid, Metal, Mineral and Radioactives. Which extractor you need depends on the resource you want to extract.

If you're level 25 or above, you can switch to Commercial Extractors if you're willing to invest in the production skill.

Extraction rate

Resource type Amount per hour
Flora 6-7
Fuel 7
Gas 1-7
Liquid 1-7
Metal 5-7
Mineral 1
Radioactives 1-7

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