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The Exploring profession is the exploration of unexplored planets and derelicts. Derelict exploration brings XP, blueprints, loot items and CR (more if you have a Grav Sled, see Equipment). In opposite to activities like combat or mining, derelict exploration does not use fuel after the initial derelict scan. The player's character leaves the ship and moves around the derelict using stamina (which refills with time like fuel).


How to get started

You need five(5) things to get started with exploring:

Once you have these items, find the green Derelict Scan (found while undocked away from a jumpgate next to the Combat Scan button), and use it. Keep in mind that all derelicts that share the exact name share the same layout. When you have found a derelict you wish to explore, enter it. Once you're suited up and inside the derelict, you may start exploring. From the lower left, you should see an option to search the room you are in, attempt Derelict Hacking, use Derelict tools, use Derelict weapons(currently inactive), a medical interface, an option to bug out, then to the lower right, 6 buttons to 'move' your character. Each action except medical interaction will consume one stamina, one to two oxygen, and in return you'll get an event, good, neutral or bad if moving or searching a room, or allow your luck a chance to shine if you have tried to hack or use tools. From these events, you can gain (or lose) XP and credits, or lose health and stamina.

Note that you have a limited maximum amount of stamina, which will regenerate over time.


Besides the mandatory equipment mentioned above, the Grav Sled (Small) allows you to move any rare resources found on a derelict to your ship is strongly advised. If you plan to really get into exploring, you'll definitely want one of these, and a quick side trip to Aurelia in the Furnace to pick up a derelict-related mission from Jenny. Additional gear that you may seek are tools, which in my opinion, are more of a hassle than they are worth, will include Gyro Spanner (Tool), Electrical Scanner S1, Diagnostic Sensor G1.

Skills involved

Fitting the Derelict System Scanner T1 requires only that you are level 10 or higher, and 25 scan tech.

DOs and DON'Ts



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